Artist Tori Greising’s “redux” Comes To Gallery 500

ORLANDO, FL – University of Central Florida’s premiere downtown gallery, Gallery 500, will host the reception for artist Tori Greising’s show entitled “redux”. Interested in line, color, space, and material, Greising creates site-specific environments that interact in and with the pre-existing architectural space, and also challenges the traditional art viewing experience. She creates structures that are experienced by walking throughout the space- under, over, in and out and are not just taken in visually. While stimulating from a distance, her work takes on a new life when the viewer interacts more intimately with the pieces. Individual objects and prints dialogue with the installations by focusing on formal parallels in the bodies of work.

For this installation, Greising chose to work primarily with computer paper purchased from her local Kinkos and discarded paper found from a local office space. Her previous installations were created with similarly familiar materials- ie. clothing. Breaking down her chosen material, she created new paper from existing paper. The deconstruction and reconstruction of the original form activates a dialogue of form and function, thus providing content to the piece beyond the formal elements. The structural integrity of the installation and objects is created by the material components of the paper. Each viewer will have a different experience and reaction to the pieces, but ultimately will be faced with the re-purposed material and the beauty of its destruction and reformation. Conceptual links that can be made include the excess of waste in our current culture, green movements, etc. but there is no ostensible political statement. More simply, Greising is focused on a dialogue about the manipulation of a familiar material and creation of unique environments and objects.

redux Exhibition
Gallery 500
UCF Center for Emerging Media
500 West Livingston Street, Orlando

Closing Reception: Thursday, October 17th, 7-9 pm
Exhibition: September 8 – October 27, 2013