FIEA Student Game “HIT” Is Greenlit for STEAM!

Big news folks!

HIT, a game developed by graduate students at FIEA, has been greenlit by STEAM, an internet-based digital distributiondigital rights managementmultiplayer, and social networking platform developed by Valve Corporation. This means STEAM has approved the game for release on it’s platform.

HIT is a highly deceptive, multiplayer, third person shooter in which up to seven operatives are tasked with stopping an evil scientist’s plan, while one player, the rogue agent, secretly attempts to prevent them from doing so. The game is steeped in deception, with players never quite sure who to trust, as all player’s roles are known only by them. Communication and teamwork are key to completing the objectives and stopping the evil scientist.  The main characters are pictured below.



For more information about HIT or to follow the adventures of the team as they prep the product for release, check out their FACEBOOK page.  In the meantime, enjoy their gameplay trailer.

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