Studio 500 Soundstage

Measuring 71 x 46 with a 22-ft high grid, STUDIO 500’s drive-on soundstage is not the largest stage in town, but it is one of the most efficient and easiest to use. Dressing rooms and a bathroom are located just a few steps from the stage itself.  A production offices, talent lounge and digital asset capture suite are just beyond that. With a few more steps, you’ll find a covered exterior staging area as well as a three-bay loading dock for tractor-trailers, grip trucks or  honey wagons.

An Amanda Balionis shoot for EA.

Our standard day rate includes nearly everything, from a private parking lot to offices and basic production furniture.  While our grip and lighting packages are reserved for student use, power and AC are included with commercial rentals, as are wireless internet and the house two-man scissor lift. Our 96-point ETC dimming system (with two additional 200A disconnects on the floor) is brand new and more than 50 tons of HVAC  insure cool work conditions on the hottest days.

Prior to taking occupancy of stage, clients must provide a certificate for Commercial General Liability written on an occurrence basis for bodily injury and property damage with coverage limit not to be less than $2 million. University of Central Florida needs to be named as Additionally Insured and Loss Payee.

Car shoot against a projection screen

Qualified production companies engaged in film, video or motion capture might be eligible for a sales tax certificate of exemption. Clients can obtain such a certificate from or the Metro Orlando Film & Entertainment Commission (407.422.7159). Unless clients present a Tax Exempt Certificate, all charges are subject to current Florida State Sales tax.

Preparing to fly some talent for a UCF Film shoot




In addition to the UCF graduate and undergraduate student films shot here regularly, STUDIO 500 hosts a number of professional clients.  Our convenient location in downtown Orlando makes us easily accessible to both crews and celebrity talent (particularly the sports talent often based in and around Orlando). Some of the films, video games and production companies that have worked on the STUDIO 500 soundstage include:

UCF FILM – STUDIO 500 is the main stage for UCF FILM student shorts.  Find out more about UCF student films here.  One of our favorites was SURF DRACULA (directed by Robbie Fritz), a film so awesome it took three semesters to complete!  It’s a wild and stylish vampire-a-go-go in which a team of femme fatales is tasked with stopping a deadly clan of vampires from terrorizing a small town.

Surf Dracula Trailer from Cris Mertens on Vimeo.


Another entertaining UCF student short was THE SHAKESPEARE PROCEDURE (directed by Andrew Tolbert), a fun little film about brain transplants. Audiences loved it!
The Shakespeare Procedure from Andrew Tolbert on Vimeo.


IT WAS NICE TO MEET YOU (directed by Cris Mertens) was a tale of boy meet girl in a video store.  One cool note – this crew lost their real video store location on the first day of shooting, so they created an outline of a video store on our stage floor and shot it that way.

It Was Nice to Meet You from Cris Mertens on Vimeo.