Studio 500 MOCAP Stage

STUDIO 500  is two-stage production complex located in the heart of downtown Orlando within the UCF Center for Emerging Media. The facility features a  71′ x 50′ (3550 sq ft) motion capture stage equipped with about 40 Vicon motion cameras and a separate 71′ x 46′ (3266 sq ft) soundstage with a 22′ grid.  Both stages are professionally designed and available for approved UCF-student productions, research projects and commercial shoots.

STUDIO 500 is a comfortable and accessible facility, perfect for indie films, commercial work, photo shoots and of course, motion capture. Commercial clients seeking to book sound stage or Motion Capture facilities at STUDIO 500 should contact the Studio Director listed below request current rate cards. When contacting us, it’s always a good idea to send a brief description of your project, ideal dates/access and your specific technical and space requirements.  That helps us understand your needs more quickly.

Studio 500 Sound Stage

Be advised that STUDIO 500 is part of the University of Central Florida and as such, is primarily an educational and research facility.  However, we welcome select commercial clients as often as possible when those projects would be well-served by our facility. In cases where commercial projects are not suited for our facility – either due to time/access requirements or size — we are happy to recommend other local facilities.

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500 Bentley St. • Orlando, FL 32801

For more information or to request a rate card, contact:
Richard Grula – Studio Director
407-235-3616 •